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Inayat began his music training at the age of twelve under the able guidance of Mr. Jagmohan Joshi. He has also trained in Carnatic Music under Sri Vishwanathan. He has also had experience of performing with sufi bands like Aghaaz and Afroze. As a keen student of music, he can also play various musical instruments like Guitar, Keyboard, Tabla, Drums, Duff and many more. Inayat brings the understanding of both North Indian and South Indian classical music to the table. As a teacher of music, he strongly believes that in today’s time and age it is important that a musician should have a strong hold on one discipline of music. However, having basic understanding of other genres enables musician to communicate and appreciate other forms of genres. He strives to adhere to this and inculcate it in all his students.

Inayat Khan

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