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Top 5 practice tips to master your music intrument

Based on my experience, I’m sharing these practice tips which worked like charm for me. Practice is simply ‘Repetition of actions’. To learn any new skill and to become proficient at that skill, one needs a lot of patience and practice.

Learning and Practice is a day to day process, so it becomes really important to understand and practice your skill in a directional way. Most often mistake we commit while practicing is that we directly jump into playing a song, which isn’t always a good place to start. Here are the 5 practice tips to improve your skill to make it more joyful and fruitful.

  1. Always start with a warm up exercise- Start your practice regime with warm up exercise like scales, arpeggios etc.

  2. Practice with metronome-Music played out of time is not music. so it is really important to be-friend your metronome from the very beginning of lessons and practice daily 15-20mins with metronome.

  3. Practice in a quiet place – Find out a cozy corner in your house which is welcoming, silent and have no distractions, so you can concentrate more.

  4. Make a schedule and follow it everyday. Apply your theoretical lessons musically on your instrument- As they say, the more sugar you add the sweeter its going to be. Consult you music teacher and get his feedback on regular basis.

  5. Proper technique-Having sorted technique will definitely helps you out with more efficient growth

Apply these practice tips on a day to day basis with a practice schedule and surely it will enhance your musical skills.

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