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Top 5 tips to become a Great Singer and Vocal Artist

Being a Vocal Artist requires not only a good of knowledge and grasp of music and a soothing voice but also needs a lot of dedication, commitment and abstinence of substances that can affect our throat and vocal chords negatively (e.g. Carbonated drinks, chilled water, eating curd before sleep etc.)

Today, I will discuss the top 5 tips to become a great Singer and Vocal Artist.

  1. Always begin with a light warm up like Humming on an octave scale. Keep your tongue placed lightly behind your lower jaw.Always keep in mind that it’s a light warm up so we do not have to stress our voice just to hit those higher notes.

  2. Lip Rolls is one of the most powerful exercise I’ve come across. It helps strengthen, smoothen your voice while making it easy for you to move from your lowest note to your highest note. With regular practice it increases your range and improves texture and tone of your voice as well. Always keep this exercise in your list of top 5 warm ups.

  3. Tongue trills is another one of my favorites as it helps to build a thicker tone and improves belting of your voice between lowest and highest notes of your vocal range. I always keep these exercises as the top 3 warm ups for myself and my students at any level of singing (amateur to professional)

  4. Always stay hydrated. Our throats is a priceless instrument and we really need to take care of it. Remember this,drinking water it lubricates your vocal folds, allowing them to vibrate fully. Staying hydrated doesn’t just help your vocal cords – it brings moisture to your mouth and throat, too. This improves your articulation and clarity when you sing. It should not be too hot or too cold. Always prefer room temperature or lukewarm water.

  5. One of the key elements which most singers do not pay attention to is Breathing right. Correct breathing will round your tone, make your voice fuller, allow you to project the sound better and extend your range. It will also protect your vocal health by ensuring the correct amount of pressure is placed on your larynx and vocal folds. Apply these practice tips on a day to day basis with a practice schedule and surely it will improve your voice quality, tone, power, range and technique manifolds and help you reach your dream of being a top notch Singer/Vocal Artist.

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